Many “lives” to live!

As I drive away from his house I’m laughing because…all week I’ve been thinking of what my first post should be and this is it! Right here! This is the real shit single mothers go through. What “real shit” you’re wondering? Well pour yourself a glass of wine girl and let’s chat.  

 Now let’s take it back to two hours before I left his house. As I was lying there on his bed watching family guy looking at his gorgeous beard…I find myself wondering “WHY am I here?” If my girls knew I was here they would’ve talked me out of it, I mean this isn’t the man that has my heart, not even a small piece of it but yet I’m here. All these thoughts start to run through my mind!  At times it can feel like we have many “lives” right ladies? LOL We have our mommy life that revolves around our kids, the one where you’re helping with homework every night and going to school functions. Then we have our single life. The life where we date, or go out with our girlfriends to talk about the ex, the crush, the maybes, the one night stands and any other crazy connections we may have going on. We may even have a professional life, where you’re the bad ass business woman at work and you’re just going in and kicking butt every day. Point is we as single mothers tend to become really fucking good at separating our “lives.” I’m not sure if it’s a defense mechanism or maybe it’s easier to balance the craziness we seem to go through but we do it and I have to say we become experts at it. LOL

 See Tomorrow morning  it’ll be like this rendezvous never happened, I’ll get up and have my coffee, get my daughter ready for school, be that innocent mother whose life revolves around her kid, but tonight, tonight I was a single woman, tonight I felt the need to live. Tonight I hung out with someone just because. Tonight I didn’t think about anything beyond the NOW. Tonight was a small moment in my hectic life of my many “lives” where I whispered to myself Caya_te and Live! 


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