Girls Trip = Mommy’s Therapy

Friday evening we’re all having dinner, toasting to a fun weekend, laughing our asses off as we make fun of each other. All of a sudden, I feel this rush of excitement. Now I am not sure why I felt this, when all we were doing was eating sushi, but sitting with my girls I could feel the energy from all five of us. I could feel that everyone needed this girl’s trip. Everyone had this gleam of “what fuckery will happen this weekend?” in their eyes. LOL I could sense that everyone was eager to get dolled up and forget about their problems back home and just Live, Laugh and Love in the beautiful city.

As single moms we constantly devote ourselves to others, especially when you don’t have that other half to share the responsibility with. It’s so important to surround yourself around girlfriends who ask nothing of you but a good time and beautiful memories. Our relationships with our girlfriends should be those that are easy and just go with the flow. If we can’t escape our crazy lives with our girlfriends then how the hell are we going to keep a stable mind and raise amazing children?! There is absolutely nothing wrong with devoting yourself to others, however, don’t ever forget to devote time and effort to the most important person…YOU! So book that weekend trip you’ve been hesitating to take with your girls! Dance the night away with the women who empower you to be the better version of yourself! Eat pizza at 2 am in your hotel bed, wearing your pjs laughing your ass off at the funny moments you had.

That same Friday night we’re all standing in the kitchen with our makeup done, our outfits on point and we’re all smiling at each other preparing ourselves for the weekend shenanigans! We lifted our glasses and I yelled out Caya_Te and Live!

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