Happy V-Day

Happy Valentines Day to all of my readers! I hope that all you single moms have the best day with your little ones. I hope that your day is filled with so much love from your friends and family! I hope that you remembered to get those cupcakes and capri-suns for the class Vday party!! I hope that your kid runs up to you after school and gives you the biggest hug in the world because YOU are their world. I hope that you stuff your face with all the chocolate you can handle and a bottle of your favorite wine tonight dancing to your favorite song in your underwear! I hope that when your child falls asleep you go through their valentine candy and eat some of the best ones, as you read all the cards they received at school and laugh at the cute innocent messages these kids have sent each other. I hope that today you told yourself you are an amazing mother and that you deserve all the love in the world and you didn’t forget to Caya_Te & Live!

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