Find Your Person

As single mothers we go through situations that our friends who do not have kids will NEVER understand. It’s so important to have a single mother on our side that understands what we’re going through. Even if we just have one person, that’s all we need. One person to call at any time of the day for a quick rant of what the hell we’re going through so that we are not prisoners of our minds. Here are some reasons why we need to find our person.

  1. We’re doing the job of two people; we WILL feel our mind, body and soul unbalanced. When no one else understands why we are feeling that way, a single mother will. She will know exactly how we feel and she will help us get through our moment of weakness. She won’t judge, she won’t give us advice, she will just listen and maybe throw in a YAAAASSS GIRL YAASSSS every now and then.
  2. There won’t be a guilt trip; she won’t try to show you the other side of anything that you are feeling. We won’t have to feel like we are validating our feelings. She will swap stories with you about how she also feels like pulling her hair out when she’s feeling unbalanced.
  3. She will uplift your spirit. She will remind you of how you are doing a great job; she will remind you of all the times you’ve created special moments for your child that you can’t seem to remember because your mind is in a fog. She will remind you that you are a STRONG mother. She will remind you that you are not alone; she will remind you that you GOT THIS! You can do anything!
  4. She will check up on you once she knows you’re having a hard time. She will try to focus on positive conversations to pull you out of your funk; she will distract your mind with hilarious stories of herself so that you don’t have to focus on what’s going on in your mind.
  5. Finally she will offer solutions that make sense to you. While all your other friends are just offering drunken nights, she knows that’s not what you need. She will remind you to put the kids to bed early and take a hot shower. She will remind you to go see a movie that is not a cartoon. She will remind you to take 1 hour and go to the gym or for a run. She will remind you to eat or go through a detox. She will also push you to take a vacation because she knows that you deserve it even when other people don’t understand.

Being friends with a single mother is tough. To “be there” for a single mother can be challenging. That is probably why single mothers keep to themselves and hardly open up and always seem happy and cheerful. We don’t want to unload our baggage on others. It’s so important to find our person! I have been lucky to find my person, we act as an emotional support system for each other. One you have found your person, hold on tight to them. They will be the light at the end of the tunnel during hard times. As always don’t forget to Caya_Te & Live.

6 thoughts on “Find Your Person

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! Just subscribed to your blog! Just looked at your April photo diary and can I just say….it was so beautiful!!! Loved the shades of pink! Can’t wait to look at more of your posts!


  1. Way to go Mama! I can’t even imagine raising my daughter alone & it can be tough for people without little ones to understand how hard it is to have children in general. It is so nice to have that go to mama friend in your life that understands 👐❤ I’m always an open ear too!


  2. I’m so glad you’ve found your person. I don’t know what it’s like to be a single parent, but I do have tremendous respect for your strength and devotion to your family.


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