Starting Over

She knew it was over, every bone in her body told her to walk away. The relationship had been over for a long time. The love had faded, the happiness no longer felt natural but forced.  She put up with the lies he told and the late nights he came home because there was a child in the home who needed them both. Is it worth it? Can a home really be a happy home for a child when two people no longer share love for each other? Is a roommate situation the best environment for a child?

How often do we stay in relationships because we’re afraid of starting over? Starting over can be the scariest thing in the world. Don’t worry babe, it happens to all of us! We’re afraid to be alone, we don’t know who we are outside of the relationship. We have to build our life back up, we have to rebuild our identity. I know it seems impossible when you are in that moment of hurt and despair but EVERY DAY you have to choose yourself. Remember when you were thrown into motherhood and had no idea what to do? Guess what, you figured it out. You took it day by day, you are a strong woman and you can do anything! Gather up your tribe! A woman should have a tribe behind her for moments like these, these women will build you up! They WILL remind you of the women you are and the potential you have! Keep busy mujer (woman), go on adventures, start going to the gym and get out of your head. Starting over is hard but not impossible. Choose yourself!


At the end of the day two people that aren’t happy together will not make a happy home. However, two people that are living separate happy lives will make two happy homes and happy homes mean a happy child. Every move you make will impact your child so why not make moves in the direction of happiness. Just remember in the process of happiness sometimes you have to Caya_Te & Live!


One thought on “Starting Over

  1. What a raw post, I love it! You are right – children deserve to be brought up in a happy home, not one that is forced or fake. Children have the uncanny ability to pick up an atmosphere and who wants to be brought up with parents who clearly don’t love each other and the burden that they are doing so just for you? What example is that? Furthermore, what sane parent would want that guilt looming over their kids life? Two happy homes are better than a toxic and unhappy one, totally agree. I hope this resonates with someone in this situation, they’re great words of encouragement and advice!


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