From come over to come home

It was about 6pm on a Wednesday, it was a normal day when I received a text that said “Come over”…. Oh I knew what that meant, I jumped in the shower, made up some lame excuse that I was going to the store and I was off…

Fast forward about a year later…

To say I was nervous would be an understatement, there were so many thoughts going through my mind. I wasn’t sure if this was going to work, I knew it was the next step for us but all I could think about was everything that could go wrong. I had such a big decision to make.

After a year of dating, we found ourselves talking about moving in together. I knew it was a good thing, I knew it meant growth for our relationship. Our kids got along so well, my daughter adored him, the timing on this decision couldn’t have been more perfect but of course before I Caya_te & Live, my anxiety gets the best of me.

The days of casual fun dates were over, you know when you both pull up to the spot and you’re smiling from ear to ear because you haven’t seen each other all week. Or how about the drunken nights of loud sex when no one is in the house and you’re both too drunk to care where the clothes lands, then you wake up the next day and go have breakfast and go your separate ways. I would miss our mini trips that we cherished because it was 3-4 days of alone time that we craved so badly, would we still feel this way once we lived together? Would we still be excited to see each other? Would the sex die out after seeing each other day in and day out? Would we still lay in bed and talk all night until one of us passes out?

I didn’t plan on this, we never do right? Of course the universe always has a different path for us. My head kept saying to keep things the way they were but my heart was saying go for it. My heart wanted to build a life with him, my heart wanted to wake up to him every single day. My heart spoke so much louder than the negative thoughts my head was shouting. A year ago I didn’t see us here, a year ago I was smiling at him from across a bar.  

Then Monday around 6 pm I received a text, however this one said “come home”. When I opened the door I wasn’t smiling at him from across the bar but from across our living room.

To be continued…

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