Threes Company? 

We are walking into the craft beer festival, and we are fucking ready! We get ready to take a trip to “Black out City”! Lol I swear we are not alcoholics, even though our group chat is titled Alcoholics Anonymous! LOL but that’s neither here or there. I’m just ready to get these shenanigans started with my best friends! The three amigos! Yeah!!! As the night goes on and the beers are flowing, we find ourselves being the only ones dancing! We’re sitting in the grass area, laughing our asses off, snap chatting our night away and I think to myself “man I love being around these two”.

I’ve been asked many times if I feel awkward being the third wheel. Here’s the thing ladies…as single mothers we get lonely as fuck! We’ve all been in those moments when every where we turn there’s a happy couple! Do you ever feel like all your friends are getting married or they’re now in serious relationships. I find myself in these moments ALL the time. LOL what have I learned? YOU have to be really, really comfortable being alone. Now I know, I know that’s easier said than done. Once you find your inner happiness, once you come to the realization that you control YOUR happiness…then you’ll find happiness in ANY situation! I don’t ever get sad being around my best friend and her boy friend! Instead, he has become one of my best friends! I’m so blessed to be able to share my single mom hot mess moments with them. Don’t think you’re losing a friendship because she’s now occupied with a new love in her life. Instead, go out, have drinks, laugh your ass off, enjoy your lives together to the fullest!!!!

The next morning, I wake up in my room at my best friends house…yes I have my own room at her house lol I walk upstairs and crawl into bed with them LMAO is that weird? I’m like omg guys what happened last night?!?! We’re all going through our snap chats, we start laughing and look at each other…we pulled a Caya_te & Live!

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