True Crime Podcasts!

Hello Babes!

The first time I listened to a podcast I was mind blown, truth is podcasts have taken over my life! I listen to them in the car, at work and even at the gym (yes at the gym). There are so many podcasts out there you can find one about ANYTHING. I am that person who recommends podcasts to her friends and now I’m recommending them to YOU. That is why I have created this miniseries of blog posts recommending some of my favorite podcasts!

Starting off the series of course, my favorite genre of all time…

True Crime

My Favorite Murder

OH EM GEE, if you haven’t jumped on the MFM train I mean are you even a true crime fan? If you love quick to the point murder stories, MFM is your podcast. Karen and Georgia are hilarious; they are witty, sarcastic and somehow they come up with great tag lines that somehow make sense in life. For example STAY SEXY AND DON’T GET MURDERED (#SSDGM) and one of my favorites of all time FUCK POLITENESS, which basically means you don’t always have to play nice, nice can get you murdered! If a man offers you a ride home it’s okay to say no! Listen, these two women are bad ass and they will have you laughing your ass off; you have to give them a listen, I promise you won’t regret it! I never thought I could laugh at a podcast about murders but somehow these two pull it off!

Side note: They have 110 episodes so you can binge listen to this podcast! YAAAASSSSSS! I recommend you go all the way back and listen from the very beginning!

Sword And Scale

Alright, if you like more in depth true crime stories, this is your podcast! The cool thing about Sword and Scale is not only do they explain the crime in detail but they play REAL recordings! They play REAL 911 calls, real TV interviews and even police station interrogations. Mike Boudet is the host and he explains these crimes so well, you’ll want to keep listening. I suggest starting off with Episode 98, this episode is a total mind fuck, and it’s so well done! I promise you that after this episode you will be hooked! The only thing I can tell you about this episode is the term “back stabbing” is taken to a whole new level!

Warning: I highly suggest reading the descriptions before playing any episode, especially episodes that are about children. Like I said they play real recordings….soooo sometimes you might hear the bad guys describe really gross stuff and it can make you want to vomit. I can’t stress enough to read the descriptions. Especially if you have a hard time hearing about crimes that involve children.

Dirty John

Ok ok, I’m soooooo excited about this one! I originally wasn’t going to include this one in this post but it’s just too good! Okay unlike the other 2 that I described above, this podcast just covers ONE crime! YOU will get hooked!! The story line is amazing, also they play the interviews from the family. Okay so a man named John is pretty much a con man turned almost murderer! He starts dating a rich woman and her whole family warns her about this guy. She refuses to listen, basically supports his bum ass and things escalate from there! You won’t see the attack coming at all! I was so shocked! The best thing about this podcast is you can binge listen!!!!!! GO LISTEN NOW! I have zero warnings or side notes about this podcast!

The podcast world is so huge! If you’re a true crime fan like me then I know you will enjoy these podcasts! Even if you just dabble in true crime every now and then that is what’s so great about podcasts, just listen whenever you want! I hope you go give these podcasts a shot! If you do, comment below and let me know what you think! I LOVE having conversations about podcasts! What’s your favorite podcast at the moment?

As always,

Caya_Te & Live!

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